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Orders held due to lack of inventory
Orders held due to lack of inventory

How to process orders which can't be shipped due to a lack of inventory for one or more of the items

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes orders will be created in Hutch, but there isn't the necessary inventory for the order to be dispatched. When this happens, Hutch will place the order on hold with the reason "Inventory Unavailable". A comment will also be left detailing which item was unavailable.

If you wish to fulfil the order without the missing item, add a note (not comment, these aren't visible to Hutch pickers and packers), explaining which items to not ship on this order. You can then update the order to "Processing" so it can be fulfilled by Hutch.

You will then need to create a new order to fulfil the item(s) which weren't dispatched on the original order.

Note: We are working to improve the experience of partial-fulfilment. If you have any requests or ideas for this feature, please share them with us via the live chat or email me at [email protected].

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