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Create Shipping Rule
Updated over a week ago

When your account is set up your default shipping rules will apply automatically, these include RoyalMail UK Second Class for the UK, USPS Standard for USA, RoyalMail International for Europe and Rest of World.

Yet you can create your own shipping rules on the Hutch dashboard.

  1. Go to the Settings page on the dashboard, there you can find the Shipping Rules option press on the ‘Create shipping rule’ button on the top right hand corner.

  2. You can add a name for your shipping rule, this is merely for your reference.

  3. It is vital to add the exact same copy of your shipping rule as it appears on your store. If the copy isn’t identical the system wouldn’t be able to read it and it will default to the default shipping rule already on the system,

  4. Select the shipping region from the United Kingdom, United State, Europe, Rest of the world.

  5. After Selecting the region you can select the Shipping Method.

  6. When done press on the blue ‘Create rule’ button on the right side of screen.

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