Creating a Client
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To create a new client or brand account. You’ll need to add a client and complete their key information.

Brand Name - The name of the client/brand, the Trading as name. This will be shown in places like Aftercare and be the name visible to your warehouse team.

Legal Name - The registered name of the brand and the name that’ll be shown on invoices

Billing Method - You can select prepaid to enable the wallet for clients you’d want to prepay, and you can select the invoice for regular invoicing

Billing Email - this is the email that all billing info will be sent to

Support Email - this is where general correspondence will be sent and is sometimes visible to end customers via Aftercare

VAT number - VAT number for billing purposes

EORI Number - An EORI number is a unique identifier required for businesses and individuals in the EU to clear customs when importing or exporting goods.

IOSS Number - IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) is an EU VAT scheme for e-commerce sellers and marketplaces to simplify VAT obligations for cross-border sales of goods to EU consumers.

IOSS Issuing Country - The IOSS issuing country is the EU member state where a business is registered and from which it manages its IOSS VAT obligations for cross-border sales to EU consumers.

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