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WooCommerce Integration

Instructions on connecting Hutch to your WooCommerce store

Updated over a week ago

WordPress permalinks must be enabled within the WordPress admin at: Settings > Permalinks and set to “Day and name”. WooCommerce utilises WordPress permalinks to power its API, if this is not enabled, Hutch won’t be able to connect to your store.

Once this is done, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API and click “Add key”. You will be shown a form, enter the following values and then press “Generate API Key”:

  1. Description: “Hutch”

  2. User: this can be any WordPress user. You can create a WordPress user specifically for Hutch and use this, although this is not a requirement.

  3. Permissions: Read/Write

A Consumer Key / Secret will be generated, along with a QR code. Please copy the key and secret and email it to [email protected] along with the URL of your store (e.g. You can disregard the QR code.

Within the next 24 hours, Ben will connect your store and verify the integration is working. At this point we will notify you via email that the integration has been completed.

If you have any questions. Please send us a message via the Live Chat.

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