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Shopify Integration

Instructions on connecting Hutch to your Shopify store

Updated over a week ago

To get you connect your Shopify store with Hutch, you need to setup a private app on Shopify. To do this, follow these steps:

• Navigate to your Shopify admin and click "Settings"

• Click "Apps and sales channels"

• Click "Develop apps"

• Click "Create an app"

• Enter the following details:

App name: Hutch

App developer: Leave as is (any option is fine)

Click "Configure Admin API scopes" and grant the following permissions:

• Products: Read Access

• Assigned fulfilment orders: Read and Write access

• Fulfilment services: Read and Write access

• Inventory: Read and Write access

• Locations: Read access

• Merchant-managed fulfilment orders: Read and Write access

• Orders: Read and Write access

• Third-party fulfilment orders: Read and Write access

Press "Save" and then navigate to the "API credentials" tab. Press "Install app" and then confirm by pressing "Install" again on the popup. This will give you an "Admin API access token" which you need to copy down.

Finally, open your Hutch dashboard and navigate to Settings > Integrations. Click "Connect" next to Shopify and enter your store URL (e.g. and the Admin API access token from the previous step. Click connect and your store will be connected!

If you have any questions. Please drop us a message via the Live Chat.

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