Magento 2 Integration
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Go to your Magento Admin portal, this is usually your website address followed by /admin, e.g. Login using your admin credentials.

Once you're logged into your admin portal, navigate to the sidebar and press System then Integrations. Next, click the orange button in the top right hand corner of the screen which reads Add New Integration.

A form should appear prompting you to provide the details of the integration. Specify the following values:

  • Name: Hutch.

  • Callback URL: Not required for this type of integration

  • Identity link URL: Not required for this type of integration

Finally, be sure to provide your password at the bottom of the page. This is the password you used in the first step to login to your Magento admin portal.

Next, click API in the side menu. This should switch the view to show the following screen. There will be a dropdown labelled as Resource Access. By default it will show as custom, this needs to be set to All.

Now we've entered all the required information, press the down arrow next to the orange Save button. This will reveal a dropdown. Click the Save & Activate option - it's important the activate option is selected or the integration won't be able to function.

Magento will now prompt you to approve access to the resources we specified earlier. Press the orange Allow button to do this.

The integration is all setup now on Magento! The final step is providing the credentials to Hutch. You will be presented with four values: the consumer key, consumer secret, access token and access token secret.

Please copy all of these values and email them to [email protected]. Do not send these values in a screenshot - this won't be accepted and the process will need to be repeated.

In the subject line of your email, please include your brand name and the URL for your store, e.g.

Within 24 hours you'll receive email confirmation letting you know that your integration has been completed!

If you have any issues with this process, please feel free to drop us a message via the Live Chat button on the bottom right corner of our website!

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