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How do I send inventory to Hutch?
How do I send inventory to Hutch?
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Submitting your #WRO

  • What is a WRO?

    Warehouse Receiving Orders (WROs) are essential for our team to identify shipments and accurately receive inventory.

    WROs are generated in the dashboard ****under the ‘Send Inventory’ tab ****and WRO ID numbers should be printed and attached to each incoming box or pallet.

    In order to receive and count all inventory within our three business day turn around time, Hutch requires that each inbound box has an WRO ID and that the product(s) and quantities found in that box accurately match its corresponding WRO. You can generate your WRO ID via your dashboard once you create a WRO.

  • What is a PRO?

    Problematic Receiving Orders (PROs) is a shipment sent into the warehouse that cannot be processed so is put on hold until further instruction for one or more of the following reason(s)

    • Box/pallet arrives at Hutch with no WRO information or associated tracking number

    • Additional items in the box/pallet that are not stated on the WRO

    • If the quantity of any SKU (or any SKU in the box or pallet) received at Hutch seems to be significantly less or more than the expected quantity you submitted in the WRO

    • Box/pallet arrives at Hutch with the wrong barcode

    • Box has already been received (same WRO number on multiple boxes)

    • Multiple SKUs in the same box that are very similar and are not labeled

    • A box/pallet that hasn't arrived within 28 days from the first box/pallet of the WRO will get canceled. If it arrives after 28 days it will go through an on-hold receiving process

    Once these are moved into PRO status, they will be on hold and you will be contacted by a Hutch Team member and will remain on hold until rectified. This will most likely cause delays and may incur charges.

Sending Your Inventory

  • Warehouse Delivery Times

    When booking your delivery into the Hutch warehouse, it must arrive between the hours of:

    • Monday - Thursday (9am - 4pm)

    • Friday (9am - 12pm)

      Deliveries outside of these hours can not be accepted and will be refused. Hutch is not liable for any products lost or damaged outside of this time window.


We're based at 1 Atholl Road, Chelmsford, CM2 6TB.

Box Dimensional Requirements

All boxes inbounded into Hutch must meet the following dimensional requirements. Boxes greater than these dimensions present a safety hazard to receiving teams.

Maximum Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 50 cm

Maximum Weight: 20kg

  • Single SKUs per box

    To ensure speedy receiving All SKUs must be grouped separately.

  • Mixed SKUs per box

    If you need to package different SKUs into the same box, you must segregate SKUs within the box. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Bagging SKUs separately within a box

  2. Using dividers within a box.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, SKUs cannot be mixed up. Currently, you are limited to 10 SKUs per box.

Delivery Vehicles

We require all deliveries to made on vehicles that have a tail lift.


All products are required to be barcoded. This enables Hutch to identify a product as unique to you and increase the accuracy in shipping. All barcodes must be printed in black ink on white, non-reflective labels. The must be stuck down on a flat surface avoiding ridges and enclaves.

If your products do not already have barcodes on them, you can request this by contacting Hutch support.

Rush WRO

Our turnaround time for orders is 3 working days. If you’d like to expedite this process you can book a rush service:

Processed within 48 hours: £30

Processed within 24 hours: £60

*Please note, we can only rush WROs that have been received correctly and have zero issues. The rush service only applies to processing inventory and not dispatching orders.

Receiving Your Product

This list outlines our quality check processes when we receive and store your inventory.

  • During the receiving process (WROs) we only check for obvious damage (e.g. leaking product)

  • We always make sure we can identify the received items. If we can't, we will follow the PRO process outlined above (What is a PRO section)

  • When receiving a large number of units (of the same item) we will open only one box/case to verify unit count matches the attached WRO

  • We follow the same process for all types of products including liquids (we don't have different QC processes for different types of products)

  • If we identify a damaged item upon receipt, we will PRO your shipment and will reach out to you for further instructions.

  • If you wish us to perform any additional quality check processes, please reach out to our customer support team before sending in your product. These requests will incur additional charges.

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