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Sending Inventory

How to send inventory + SLA

Updated over a week ago

Before sending inventory to the warehouse we require you to fill out a Send Inventory form.

On the left hand side of your dashboard you will find a Send Inventory option, you can then create a shipment. We ask for this to be done 5 days prior to receiving the inventory, this will give us adequate time to have a good number of staff booked in to process your shipment, anything less than 5 days will mean that processing your shipment might take longer.

When creating a shipment it is important to specify how the inventory will arrive at Hutch (boxes, pallets, parcel, etc.) and it is critical to include everything being sent in the shipment (insets, SKU’s, boxes, stickers, etc.). You are able to edit the quantities on your shipments up until delivery date.

Once we have your inventory it would take 3 business days to process onto the system, and for the products to be available to fulfill order.

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