Navigating Your Dashboard
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Take a quick tour of your Hutch Dashboard and you’ll find your way around in no time!

Understanding the Sidebar

  1. Orders: View, manage, edit and process incoming and ongoing product orders.

  2. Deliveries: Track and oversee the dispatch and receipt of all orders in transit and their status

  3. Issues: Monitor and address any operational or order-related concerns and discrepancies reported by brands or end recipients

  4. Logout: Securely exit your current user session.

  5. Users: Add, disable and manage individual user profiles, roles, and permissions.

  6. Clients: View and manage details of all brand profiles

  7. Reports: Generate, view, and analyse detailed operational and warehouse performance data.

  8. Accounting: Oversee financial transactions, shipping reconciliation and prepay wallet management

  9. Warehouse: Manage your warehouse, stock, inventory levels, and replenishments.

  10. Packaging: Manage all packaging for your warehouse here

  11. Picking Groups: Ship out identical orders super fast, with our automated picking groups functionality

  12. Onboarding: Tools to easily setup your warehouse and inventory

  13. Shipping: Final shipping screen to scan products before dispatch and produce a shipping label

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