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Set Up a Gifting Campaign
Set Up a Gifting Campaign
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Gifting is the easiest way to send orders to influencers and staff or for competitions and prize giveaways. It's designed to keep large order send-outs organised and centralised.

Setting up a gifting campaign

  1. To set up a gifting campaign, click on the gifting tab on your sidebar.

  2. Then click the 'create campaign' button in the top right hand to start building out your gifting campaign.

  3. You'll then be asked to include the campaign information

    1. What is the name of this campaign?

      1. This is the name of your campaign for your reference

    2. What is the value of the items?

      1. This is important if you're sending any parcels abroad, as customs declaration information is required.

    3. Review gift orders before them being shipped.

      1. If you select yes, orders must be reviewed/accepted once redeemed before being sent to the warehouse devices for pick and pack.

      2. If you select no, orders will automatically be sent to warehouse devices for pick and pack.

    4. Shipping method

      1. Selecting "Default Shipping" will use your preset shipping rules

      2. Selecting "Priority Shipping" will override this and use the fastest shipping method for the selected destination

    5. Would you like to limit the number of items?

      1. This allows you to select multiple items for your recipients but limits how many they can choose. (e.g. 5 t-shirt colours, but they can only select 1 t-shirt)

    6. Now, you need to select the items your recipients will choose from; this will pull products from your inventory.

Once the above steps are completed, click "Submit your campaign".

Adding Your Recipients

Now that your campaign has been set up, you will need to add your recipients. You can do this in one of two ways. You can add recipients individually by clicking on the '+' icon. Or, you can bulk upload by using the template that can be found beside the "upload CSV" button. You'll need the name of the recipient and their contact number. You can also leave the number field blank, generating a link you can copy and send directly to recipients.

Once you add a recipient a text message will automatically be sent that says 'Hey {{}}, you've been gifted some products by {{}}. Click this link to redeem them: {{link}}.

Gift Redemption

Once your recipient has received their text, it will take them to a page to redeem their gift based on the information provided in the 'setting up a gifting campaign' stage above. Once the recipients have inputted their addresses, chosen their items, and redeemed their gift, the link will no longer be usable.

Once a gift has been redeemed, it will be added to the queue of orders to be shipped under the channel #Gift.

On your dashboard, you'll see who has redeemed their gifts and who hasn't, allowing you to chase those who haven't.

Here, you can also copy the link to send directly to recipients via email etc.

Cancelling or Closing a Campaign

You can cancel individual links for recipients by hitting cancel gift under the actions section beside a gift recipient.

If you want to close a campaign altogether, you can do this in the top right hand corner by clicking on the 'close campaign' button.

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